Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sedro Wooley - Darrington - Barlow Pass - Granite Falls

Me and my wife were wanting to try and get in another ride before the rains come and the insurance expires. Found a good 500km day loop starting from our favourite starting point -Sedro Wooley and Highway 20. We always seem to bypass Hwy 20 from Sedro Wooley to Concrete, Wa in favour for the much less travelled and quieter South Skagit Highway. Very few cars, nice twisties, scenic river. We took that as far as it goes and began to head south on Hwy 530 to Darrington, Wa. From there it was a nice ride along the Mountain Loop Highway which shortly turns into the Mountain Loop Dirt Road. 14km of the best dirt road I've ever travelled on a street bike. No potholes but sometimes slippery still from the morning dew. Our speed along here fluctuated between 20 mph to 40 mph. Beautiful Fall scenery, the sunlight flickering like a strobe light between the trees. People camping, fishing along the way. Some beautiful river beside us the whole way. I loved it!
Barlow Pass marks the beginning of pavement again and since few travelled the dirt road, the road ahead of us was empty of cars. We take a break from a beer and some food and a quick look at the map to figure how we will make our way home once we get closer to reality. Granite Falls marked the end of loneliness and the beginning of 4 wheeled civilization. But it was fun while it lasted!

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