Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Vancouver to La Push to "Twilight"

Let's face it.... If you want to go for a day ride, Washington is a great place to ride. The interior of B.C. is amazing, but for a quick one-nighter, there are alot more options in Washington than B.C. So when the opportunity to go for a little ride came up, me and my wife decided to venture back over to the west coast of washington.

Cross the border, Roll down to Chukanut Drive early enough to avoid cars and take in the great twist. We stop in Anacortes where the streets are closed and there is a big art fair going on. Grab a coffee, take in some of the sites, and then back on the road. Deception pass it a pretty amazing site. It got its name when Captain Vancouver first thought the the Whidbey Island area was a peninsula, but realized there was a small passage, thus making it an island. Through Oak Harbour and to the ferry that takes us to Port Townsend. A super cool town with a neat Fort at one end which has been turned into a Park.

No time to stop yet, keep rolling through Port Angeles trying to get to the coast before the rains come. We make it over to the very west coast of Washington to a little Indian town called La Push. It's foggy but super cool!

We end up staying in Forks, Wa. getting the very last room in the entire town. Forks is famous cause the Twilight Series was filmed there. Thus... everything has a Twilight reference.... EVERYTHING. Our walk from the motel to get some eats, we probably take 20+ fotos of me in front of Twilight signs. I actually got tired of posing. And the town is over run with 13 year old girls! Quite bizarre!

Weather seems always foggy over on the Wet Coast. Roads can be awesome quiet! We tried to ride up some mountain in Port Angeles, but they wanted $10 to go up and there was a bunch of cars in front of us. Usually I love riding up mountains, but cars are always a downer! Some great roads over on the NorthWest of Washington. If you have never explored that area - highly recommended!

Vancouver to La Push

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